Date Posted February 25, 2024

Upcoming Umpire, Measurer and Marker Courses

Upcoming Umpire, Measurer and Marker Courses

Updated for 2024

Memo to All Clubs 5/24  –  Gateway District Umpire Courses


The next Umpire, Measurer and Marker course will be held at the Capalaba Bowls Club on Sunday 21/04/2024 and Sunday the 28/04/2024.  Applicants who are re-accrediting are required to attend on the 21/04/24 at 9.00am.   The re-accreditation process will take approximately 4 – 5 hours.

Applicants who are accrediting are required to attend also at 9.00am on each the first and second dates.  The course will go from 9.00am to approximately 4.00pm each day.

In both instances applicants are required to apply for the course through Bowls Queensland (BQ).    Applicants are also required to acquire a current Law Book.

The cost for the marker and measurer course is $25.00 each.  The cost for the marker, measurer and umpire course is a total of $55.00.

Applicants will receive a training manual from BQ.  It is imperative that applicant for both accreditation and reaccreditation read this manual as questions will come from the manual for both courses.

Applicant’s re-accreditation will have an on-green component followed by a test paper of 15 questions.

Applicant’s accreditation will have an on-green component followed by 3 quiz papers plus a seminar type session.

Applicants are required to wear bowls shoes as there is on=green work.  Don’t forget to wear a hat as we will be on the grass green.  Pen and paper are also required.

Meals are not provided, however available from the Sports Club.


John Kirkpatrick

Umpire Chairman


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