Upcoming Umpire, Measurer and Marker Courses

Updated for 2024

Memo to All Clubs 5/24  –  Gateway District Umpire Courses


The next Umpire, Measurer and Marker course will be held at the Capalaba Bowls Club on Sunday 21/04/2024 and Sunday the 28/04/2024.  Applicants who are re-accrediting are required to attend on the 21/04/24 at 9.00am.   The re-accreditation process will take approximately 4 – 5 hours.

Applicants who are accrediting are required to attend also at 9.00am on each the first and second dates.  The course will go from 9.00am to approximately 4.00pm each day.

In both instances applicants are required to apply for the course through Bowls Queensland (BQ).    Applicants are also required to acquire a current Law Book.

The cost for the marker and measurer course is $25.00 each.  The cost for the marker, measurer and umpire course is a total of $55.00.

Applicants will receive a training manual from BQ.  It is imperative that applicant for both accreditation and reaccreditation read this manual as questions will come from the manual for both courses.

Applicant’s re-accreditation will have an on-green component followed by a test paper of 15 questions.

Applicant’s accreditation will have an on-green component followed by 3 quiz papers plus a seminar type session.

Applicants are required to wear bowls shoes as there is on=green work.  Don’t forget to wear a hat as we will be on the grass green.  Pen and paper are also required.

Meals are not provided, however available from the Sports Club.


John Kirkpatrick

Umpire Chairman


Download Official Notice

Spring Night Bowls Comp COP

The Gateway Sping Night Bowls Competiton is just around the corner, Download the Conditions of play here.


22nd September 2023 Update to COP Download here

Absentee Players in a Pennant Side

In last year’s Pennant competition the absentee player rule was incorrectly applied at least twice. Again this year there may be times when a side turns up to play with only three (3) players in a team.

Please be aware that Domestic Regulations apply (not Crystal Mark 4th Edition) and state that play is to continue with three (3) players with each player playing two (2) bowls. They play without a Second and the Second in the opposing team plays his bowls consecutively (DR 2.6.1).

Would you please ensure Selectors, Side Managers and Umpires are aware of the correct rule to apply.


Bill Harrison
Chairman of Match
Mob: 0428 506 493

Easy Access to Bowlslink Results

Bowls Now - Pennaant ResultsWith the start of 2023 Pennant season this week-end many players will be searching for early results. Results will be available on Bowlslink, via links through our website or through an app called

“BowlsNow”. This app is free and very easy to use when searching for results.

We strongly recommend that all players consider installing “BowlsNow” if they haven’t already done so.





Memo 9/23 – Unregistered Players – Pennant Competition

MEMO No 9/23

RE:  2023 GDBA Pennant Competition – Unregistered Players  – Effective 19/6/23

The Match Committee is requesting Club Selectors & Pennant officials ensure the selection of all players in Pennant competition are registered members of the Club & approved by Bowls Queensland before the commencement of Pennant competition.

It is the responsibility of Clubs to select players eligible to compete as per the Gateway Pennant Conditions of Play. The penalty for playing an ineligible player, outlined in the Conditions of Play, will be applied.

Should you have any queries please give me a call.

Bill Harrison

Chairman of Match

(Mob: 0428 506 493)



Club Notice No 9. – How to Enter Gateway District Competitions

Before you can enter a Gateway competition you must have a Bowlslink Membership. If you are already registered but do not have a password, go to the bowlslink sign in page and choose the password reset option to create a new password. Bowlslink Sign in https://www.bowlslink.com.au/authenticate/login?redirect=%2Fcompetitions%2Fmanage

Note: if you are entering a team competition (pairs/triples/fours), all players will need to be registered in Bowlslink but only the person entering the team needs to sign in to Bowlslink to enter the team. You will need to know their Bowlslink NIN (national identification number). Your Clubs Bowlslink administrator will be able to provide this.

1, Sign into your Bowlslink Account

2, Select you club Profile and Select Competitions from the Left-hand Menu options.

3, To find available competitions type 2023 Gateway in the search field to locate Gateway District Competitions.

Bowlslink Gateway Competitions Instructions


4, To enter the competition click on the ‘Actions spanner’ on the right-hand side.

After you complete the entry process you will receive an automated email confirmation.

If you or your club administrator requires further assistance, contact

Kevin Melican
Phone: 0473433072
or email:  bowlslink@gatewaybowls.org.au


Club Notice No. 8 – BowlsLink Personal Login

For Gateway members with an email address registered in BowlsLink.  You can now create your personal login for BowlsLink.

Having your own login allows you to Edit your profile / view available comps Australia-wide / enter comps and events including Gateway District Championships / auto fill your entries / view your entries and competitions.

If your email is not currently recorded in Bowlslink contact your Clubs Bowlslink Administrator for assistance.

Further information about Bowlslink System can be accessed from the District Website – see https://gatewaybowls.org.au/bowlslink-help/

Click on the link here and then click on “Reset” to get started

Club Notice No 7.

To all GDBA Clubs.
Attachment is the preferred Score Sheet for our upcoming Summer Shield 2023.

Club Notice No 6.

To all GDBA Clubs.
Please be advised that the closing date for entries to the following Gateway Calendar Event have been extended viz;
1 Over 60’s Pairs, at Cleveland  Bowls Club, extended to 20th February 2023.
2 Summer Shield extended to 16th December 2022.
3 Gateway Open Triples, at Carina Bowls Club, extended to 10th April 2023.

2023 Expression of Interest” District Notice 005

Gateway Distraict Bowls Association



District clubs wishing to host GDBA competitions shown on the 2023 calendar, (attached), are
required to submit an “Expression of Interest”, to the Chairman of Match, by 5.00pm, 28th October
As a minimum, this “Expression of Interest” is to include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Number of proposed playing greens available.
  • Clubhouse and catering facilities for the duration of the competitions.
  • A games Director appointed for the duration of the competitions.
  • Cards to be completed 30 minutes prior to the commencement of play.
  • Rinks allocated prior to the commencement of trial ends.
  • An Accredited National Umpire to be provided for the duration of the competitions.
  • Clubs may submit one or multiple “Expression or Interest” for GDBA Competitions.
  • Tenure of proposed Sponsorship and value.
  • “Expression of Interest” marked District Notice 005 “Hosting GDBA competitions 2023” addressed to match@gateway.org.au
  • Day, night or twilight proposals are acceptable.
  • Late submissions are not accepted.

Roger A Burns.

GBBA Chairman of Match

Sep 19th


PDF Download of 2023 Calendar

Pennant Finals Fixtures & Venues




5th September 2022

2022 Pennant Finalists – Winners of the Semis to Play:

Division 1 Belmont
Division 2 Manly
Division 3 Wellington Point
Division 4 Russell Island
Division 5 Camp Hill
Division 6 Macleay Island
Division 7 Logan City
Division 8 Wellington Point


Semi-Finals: 10th September 1 pm:

Division 1   Wynnum 1PM Carina v Capalaba
Division 3   Wynnum 1PM Capalaba v Coorparoo
Division 2    Belmont 1PM Mt Gravatt v Carina
Division 6   Belmont 1PM Mt Gravatt v Manly
Division 4   Coorparoo 1PM Manly v Belmont
Division 5   Coorparoo 1PM Capalaba Green v Wynnum
Division 7   Capalaba 1PM Russell Island v Carina
Division 8   Capalaba 1PM Wynnum v Manly


Grand Final: Sunday 11th September 10 am


Division 1   Wynnum 10AM Belmont v
Division 7   Wynnum 10AM Logan City v
Division 2   Wellington Point 10AM Manly v
Division 5   Wellington Point 10AM Camp Hill v
Division 3   Carina 10AM Wellington Point v
Division 8   Carina 10AM Wellington Point v
Division 4   Victoria Point 10AM Russell Island v
Division 6   Victoria Point 10AM Macleay Island  v

Roger A Burns.
Chairman of Match

District Pairs Info and Registration






GDBA is seeking Entries for the upcoming District Pair’s Championship 2022.

Entries close Monday 19th September 2022. Team numbers are “capped” at 28 teams. The competition will run over 2 days with sectional play commencing at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday 1st October.

Sectional Play Saturday 1st October (3 Games 14 Ends)
Qtr, Semi & Final Played Sunday 2nd October (Qtr & Semi 14 Ends & Final 16 Ends)

Cost to enter this event is $50.00 per team.  The event is sponsored by Wynnum Bowls club.

GDBA wishes to thank participating clubs and players for registering and the best of luck to all in one of our prized championship.

View The Draw Here on Bowlslink

View Conditions of Play

Roger A Burns.

Chairman of Match



Hosting of 20022 Pennanats Finals




DATES   10th –  11th   SEPTEMBER 2022. 

GDBA is seeking “Expressions of Interest” from member clubs for the hosting of our Pennant Finals 2022

The Pennant Finals are scheduled for, Saturday and Sunday, September 10th and 11th as shown in the Conditions of Play and, are to be played on neutral greens.  Matches commence at 1.00pm and 10.00am.

Kindly email your “Expression of Interest” to match@gatewaybowls.org.au marked “hosting of Pennants Finals 2022”, District Notice 001,

Attention “Chairman of Match” Mr Roger A Burns, no later than Friday 2nd of September 2022.

GDBA wishes to thank participating Clubs for their interest and support in hosting our most prodigious championship.

Roger A Burns.

Chairman of Match


Download Details Here

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