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By-Law A Returning Officer, Elections 3

By-Law B Committee Positions and Responsibilities 3

By-Law C Reimbursement of Expenses 6

By-Law D Delegates 6

By-Law E Notice/s of Motion 7

By-Law F Attire 7

By-Law G Uniform 7

By-Law H Association Badges 7

By-Law I Members of Multiple Clubs/Districts – eligibility to play 8

By-Law J Competitions 8

By-Law K Player Commitments 9

By-Law L Sponsorship 9

By-Law M Alterations of By-Laws 9

By-Law N Use of Electronic Recording Devices 9

Annexure ‘A’ Duties and Responsibilities of: 10

  • The President;
  • The Vice Presidents;
  • The Secretary;
  • The Treasurer;
  • Ordinary Board Members
  • Chairman of Match Committee
  • Chairman of Selection Committee
  • Manager of District Sides


  1. Returning Officer

A Returning Officer shall be appointed by the Board of Management (BoM) prior to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to control the issue of ballot papers, their collection and counting of same. Two scrutineers shall be appointed at the AGM to assist the Returning Officer.

The Returning Officer shall liaise with the Secretary for the preparation of the ballot papers. He shall ensure that only those entitled to vote are issued with the necessary ballot papers. The Secretary will provide a copy of a list of Councillors eligible to vote.

The Returning Officer shall advise the Chairman of the meeting, the result of the scrutineers’ count and the Chairman shall announce the result to the meeting. The ballot material shall be destroyed with the authority of the meeting and the Returning Officer shall carry out such direction.

  1. Election and Ballot procedures – BoM and Committees

Nominations shall be made in accordance with Rule D. 4 of the constitution.

The method of voting shall be to delete the names of the candidate/s not required by the voter. The result of each ballot shall be determined on “first past the post” principle. If there are an equal number of votes for two or more candidates for the last remaining position in a ballot, a further ballot shall be conducted between the candidates so tied.

Ballot papers may be issued to those entitled to vote prior to the meeting being opened but votes shall not be collected by the Returning Officer until the Chairman of the meeting announces the closing of the ballots. All votes will be deemed to have been made after the opening of the meeting and before the closure of the ballots.

Any position/s for which no nomination has been received may be filled from the floor.


  1. Councillor to Bowls Queensland (BQ)

The Councillor to BQ shall be appointed from the BoM.

  1. Committees – Qualifications and Duties

Committees may be established in accordance with Rule D. 10 of the Constitution for such purposes as the BoM or Council may determine from time to time.

The Chairman of Match, Coaches, Selection, Umpires and Junior Bowls

Co-ordinator shall be elected by ballot at the AGM.

Each Chairman and the Junior Bowls Co-ordinator shall submit a list of the members who he wishes to form his committee, to the first meeting of the BoM after the AGM. The BoM will appoint from this list.

The committees to be established shall include:

(i) Match

The Match Committee shall consist of a Chairman and two (2) other members.

The committee shall develop and control the Gateway District Bowls Association (GDBA) match program. The committee shall on request, inspect and report on greens as to their suitability for the playing of GDBA and/or State event/s.

(ii) Selection

The Selection Committee shall consist of a Chairman and two (2) other members all of whom shall be from different clubs.

The committee shall select team/s and replacement/s and a “Side Captain” to represent GDBA in bowling event/s.

The BoM shall appoint a “Side Manager”.

(iii) Coaches

The Coaching Committee shall be established to comply with the current provisions of BQ Articles of Association.

The Coaching Committee shall consist of a Chairman and four (4) other members accredited as Club Coaches or higher.

The Coaching Committee is responsible for the training of coaches within GDBA. The Coaching Committee shall assist Club Coaches in coaching programs at Club level.

(iv) Umpires

The Umpires Committee shall be established and will comply with the current provisions of the BQ Umpires Administration Manual.

The Umpire Committee shall consist of a Chairman and four (4) other accredited National Umpires.

(v)               Junior Bowls Co-ordinator

The Junior Bowls Co-ordinator will liaise with other District Associations in organizing Inter-District game/s; provide a written report to each BoM meeting; provide a written report to each Council meeting; may co-opt other persons for specific tasks, for example recognized coach/s.

Ensure a parent/guardian or other responsible person (who must possess a current Blue Card issued under the provisions of Working with Children (Risk Management and Screening) Act 2000, accompanies any junior/s selected, to represent, GDBA for the duration of the tournament/activity.

When juniors are selected to represent GDBA, the Junior Bowls

Co-ordinator shall liaise with the Chairman of Selectors to ensure compliance with these By-laws.

(vi)             IT Coordinator

The IT Co-ordinator shall be appointed by the BoM to maintain and service GDBA’s Web Page and Facebook account.

  1. Meetings and Reports

Each committee shall meet as regularly as appropriate for its work and the Chairman shall provide a written report to each meeting of the BoM and Council.

A quorum shall be a majority of the total membership of the committee. Should a quorum not be present within thirty (30) minutes of the appointed time, then such meeting shall lapse.

  1. Vacancy on a Committee

The BoM shall have the power at any time to appoint any member of any affiliated GDBA club to fill a casual vacancy in respect to any committee.

  1. Dismissal of a Committee

Should the BoM resolve that a member/committee is not properly discharging his/its functions/duties, it may dismiss the elected member/committee and reconstitute it with new member/s until the next AGM.

  1. Specific Committee

The BoM may from time to time, initiate a specific committee for any purpose; e.g. holding of a State or National event.


Reimbursement of Expenses

Expenses incurred by members of the BoM or person/s acting on behalf of the BoM for approved GDBA business/services, shall be reimbursed monthly upon presentation of documentation supporting the claim, on submission to the BOM and approved by the BoM, other than those expenses approved at an AGM or Council meeting.

Approved Guidelines:

A – Included:

Reimbursement of expenses for official activities associated with what is outside your normal duties and responsibilities;

  1. District sides and Inter- District Competitions held outside of Brisbane metropolitan area - accommodation; travel; incidental costs.
  2. Operating costs - covered under GDBA General Expenses.
  3. Cost of petrol.

B – Not Included:

Reimbursement of expenses for official activities associated which what is part of your normal duties and responsibilities;

  1. Hours worked
  2. Cost of petrol.


Notice/s of Motion

A GDBA affiliated Club may submit, in writing, a notice/s of motion to be

included on the agenda of an AGM, Special General Meeting or a Council meeting. The notice/s of motion shall be received by the GDBA secretary at least twenty-eight (28) days prior to the meeting at which they are to be discussed. The notice/s of motion shall include a rationale supporting the motion

Notices of motion shall be forwarded to each Club not less than fourteen (14) days prior to the relevant meeting.



All officials and players shall comply with the provisions of the current Laws of the Sport of Bowls Crystal Mark, Bowls Australia (BA), BQ and GDBA policies. The Controlling Body shall be responsible for ensuring all players, markers and umpires participating on an affiliated green shall wear the correct attire in accordance with the aforementioned authority/s.



The uniform of GDBA shall be that of an ordinary member of BQ. The President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and all Past Presidents of the Association may have their respective titles embroidered above the words “Gateway D. B. A.” in turn embroidered above the BQ insignia on their blazer pockets with the year of the office added. All embroidery shall conform to that determined from time to time by BQ respective policies.


Association Badges

Badges shall be provided for The Office Bearers; All Past President/s; All Life Member/s.

Badges with bar, will be provided for the current Patron; President; Vice-Presidents; Secretary; Treasurer; all other Board positions and committees. 




  1. Members of multiple Clubs and/or Districts

Players who are members of multiple Clubs/Districts are only permitted to represent their declared Club, registered with BQ, in the following open men’ events:

  • Singles
  • Pairs
  • Fours

Those players who do not comply with the above will not be eligible to play in Championship events controlled by GDBA in the current year

  1. Players transferring into this District

Any player transferring from another State or District and having resigned from his former Club, is not eligible to play in any GDBA event/s unless he is in possession of the relevant clearance. 

NOTE – Condition 1 above applies.

  1. Disqualification

Any member/player contravening the current Laws of the Sport of Bowls Crystal Mark, BA, BQ and GDBA policies or current conditions of play, will be disqualified with his team/side/Club which he is representing for which he was not eligible, will also be disqualified from such event/s.



All competitions and other matches played or held under the patronage and auspices of GDBA shall be played in accordance with the current Laws of the Sport of Bowls Crystal Mark and current GDBA conditions of play for that event.

GDBA shall frame the conditions of play for its competitions provided such conditions of play shall not conflict with these By-Laws or the current Laws of the Sport of Bowls Crystal Mark.

GDBA is empowered to impose and collect penalties in respect of any breaches or any conditions of any competition/s conducted by GDBA provided that such penalty is not in conflict with the penalty imposed by a superior body.

The draw for any GDBA competition is not to be posted until all nomination/s and fees have been received and accepted by GDBA. There shall be no refund of nomination fees after the draw has been posted.


Player Commitments

When a player has been called to fulfill a BA, BQ or GDBA commitment, the player will comply with the current Laws of the Sport of Bowls Crystal Mark or conditions imposed by BA and/or BQ policies. It is the responsibility of the player to notify BQ, GDBA and/or Club, as the case may be, of any higher commitment.

Eligibility to be selected in GDBA Teams/Sides.

To be eligible to nominate for and be selected to play in a GDBA team/side, a player must be financial member (not under suspension of expulsion) of a GDBA Club.



GDBA may accept sponsorship for any event.


Alteration to By-Laws

Adoption of alterations and/or addition to these By-Law/s shall be made only by resolution of the BoM. The Council may refer amendments to the By-laws to the BoM.


 Use of Electronic Recording Devices

Unless authorized, the use of any electronic voice recording device/s including mobile phones is prohibited at any Special General meeting/AGM or BoM meeting of GDBA.


 Social Media

No member of a Club affiliated with the Gateway District Bowls Association Inc. shall use social media to make derogatory comments about the Gateway District Bowls Association Inc. or its members. Any infringements may render the offender/s liable to disciplinary action.


Duties and Responsibilities


(i) Shall be the chief officer of GDBA.

(ii) Will act as Chairman of any general meeting or BoM meeting at which he is present.

(iii) Is responsible for the overall administration of GDBA, subject to the valid direction of the BoM

(iv) Shall, where required, represent GDBA in an official capacity at functions and liaise with other District Associations.


The Vice Presidents shall perform such duty as the President shall delegate from time to time.


The secretary’s functions include, but not limited to:

(i) calling meetings of GDBA, including preparing notices of a meeting and of business to be conducted at the meeting in consultation with the president of GDBA; and

(ii) keeping minutes of each meeting; and

(iii) keeping copies of all correspondence and other documents relating to GDBA; and

(iv) maintaining the register of members of GDBA.

Minutes of BoM meetings

(i) The secretary must ensure full and accurate minutes of all questions, matters, resolutions and other proceedings of each BoM are entered in a minute book.

(ii) To ensure the accuracy of the minutes, the minutes of each BoM must be signed by the chairperson of the meeting, or the chairperson of the next BoM meeting verifying their accuracy.

Minutes of AGMs/Council meetings. 

(i) The secretary must ensure full and accurate minutes of all questions, matters, resolutions and other proceedings of each AGM/Council meeting are entered in a minute book.

(ii) To ensure the accuracy of the minutes-

(a) the minutes of each AGM/Council meeting must be signed by the chairperson of the meeting, or the chairperson of the next AGM/Council meeting verifying their accuracy; and

(b) the minutes of each AGM/Council meeting must be signed by the chairperson of the meeting, or the chairperson of the next meeting of GDBA that is an AGM/Council meeting, verifying their accuracy.


If asked by a member of GDBA, the secretary must, within 28 days after the request is made –

(a) make the minute book for a particular AGM/Council meeting available for inspection by the member at a mutually agreed time and place; and

(b) provide the member copies of the minutes of the meeting.

GDBA may require the member to pay the reasonable costs of providing copies of the minutes.


Additional Accounting Requirements:

(i) GDBA’s treasurer, or other authorized officer, must – receive all amounts paid to GDBA and, if asked, immediately give a receipt for the amounts; and

(ii) as soon as practicable –

(a) deposit each amount received into GDBA’s account with a financial institution; and

(b) enter the particulars of each amount received, and payments made by GDBA, into GDBA’s cash book.

(iii) Payments of less than $100 may be made from petty cash account kept on the imprest system.

(iv) Payments of $100 or more must be made by cheque or electronic funds transfer.

(v) Particulars of all payments from, and reimbursements to, the petty cash account must be recorded in the petty cash book.

(vi) The BoM must –

(a) approve or ratify GDBA’s expenditure; and

(b) ensure the approval or ratification is recorded in the BoM’s minute book.

(vii) GDBA’s expenditure must be supported by adequate documentation filed in chronological order and kept in a place decided by the BoM.

(viii) GDBA’s treasurer, or other authorized officer, must regularly balance the cash book; and

(ix) make reconciliation between the cash book and the balance of GDBA’s account with a financial institution.

(x) GDBA must keep its financial records –

(a) in the State; and

(b) for a least 7 years.


Board members shall perform such duty, as the President shall delegate from time to time.


Duties and responsibilities include;

(i) Preparation of the annual calendar of events with priority given to BA and BQ events.

(ii) GDBA Events and Championships:

(a) Conditions of Play.

(b) Develop and confirm Conditions of Play for ALL GDBA championships/events.

(c) BoM to confirm acceptance of Conditions of Play.

(iii) Check on suitability of Greens and availability of Umpires of potential Host Clubs.

(iv) Appointment of Host Club(s) as the Controlling Body, for upcoming events.


(a) Distribute nominations for Pennant, Summer Shield and Championship events to all Clubs at least 4 weeks prior to the closing date.

(b) Accept nominations as per conditions of entry.

(c) Finalize and distribute the draw to all Clubs at least 3 weeks prior to the start of the event.

(d) Forward a copy of the Conditions of Play together with a list of duties and responsibilities of the Controlling Body to the Host Club(s).

(e) Arrange for the payment of green fees for Championship events to the Host Club/s.

(f) Arrange for the presentation of badges and prize money for Championship events.

(g) Arrange for the presentation of flags and plaques for the finals of Pennants and Summer Shield.

(h) Adjudicate and respond to queries relating to all of the above.

(i) Arrange for the publication of results in the media/web site/Facebook.

(j) Order and distribute Pennant Result pads where necessary.


Duties and responsibilities include:

(i) The selection of all GDBA representative teams as detailed in the annual calendar of events.

(ii) Notification to players of their selection in representative teams.

Appointment of the team captain.

(iii) Co-ordinate transport arrangements with the Manager for away games.

(iv) Maintain a liaison with other Districts where necessary.

(v) Where juniors are selected to represent GDBA in senior event/s - liaise with the Junior Bowls co-ordinator to ensure a parent/guardian or other responsible person (who MUST possess a current Blue Card), is in attendance for the duration of the tournament.


Appointed by the BOM.

Duties and responsibilities include:

(i) Safeguard custody and maintenance of uniforms and equipment.

(ii) Distribution and collection of shirts to players

(iii) Supply and preparation of Score Cards and Result Sheets for each match.

(iv) Co-ordinate transport arrangements with the Chairman of Selectors for away games.

(v) Supply and return of GDBA Flag for all relevant games/tournaments.

(vi) Liaise with other team managers on game day to select rinks, toss of coin and finalize the results for each match.

(vii) Notify the Controlling Body of the result/s of each match.

(viii) Arrange for payment of match fees to Host Club/s.

(ix) Where required advise Skips on the progress scores and any other development/s in the competition..

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