Summer Shield Conditions of Play 2022/2023

  1. The Competition:

01.1 The competition (Gateway Summer Shield) shall start on the first Saturday of February each year.

The event shall be divided into A and B divisions with sections in each division depending on nominations received

Division A consisting of bowlers from Divisions 3,4 and 5, (men), and Division 2, (ladies), (pennant rating).

Division B consisting of bowlers from Divisions 6,7 and 8, (men) and, Divisions 3 and 4, (ladies), (pennant rating).

A side shall consist 2 teams of 3 bowl pairs – 26 ends and 2 teams of 2 bowls triples – 26 ends.

No dead ends – re-spot on the “T”.

Pennant rating is the highest Division in which a bowler played during the 2022 Pennant Season.

01.2 The competition to run over approximately 7 weeks.

01.3 Starting time: Is 1.00pm.  Matches involving Island Clubs start at 10:00am.

For any justifiable reason play is not possible at Clubs, 11am shall be the deadline to call play off.  If games have commenced and 60 ends have not been completed, Clubs, having agreed, are to arrange a continuation date and the Match Committee, Chairman of Match or his representative are to be informed.

01.4 Trial ends shall be allowed if desired. Practice is allowed on greens allocated by the Host Club.

  1. Eligibility;

                  (a)  Bowlers must be financial members of a Club affiliated with GDBA or GDLBA.

                  (b) 3 games in a Division will qualify the bowlers for final play.

(c)  Clubs with 2 sides in one Division will be treated as separate identities and must not be interchanged.

(d)  A breach of the rules may result in a Club forfeiting all points for that day.

(e) Should a club have a surplus of bowlers for Division A; a bowler who has played two (2), matches or less in Pennant Division  3,4, and 5 Men’s or, Ladies Division 2 is eligible to play in Division B.

(f) Division B rated bowlers are permitted to play Division A, However once they play 3 matches in Division A they are no longer eligible to play in Division B.

(g) If a bowler, in the previous two years, played in Division 1 or 2 men’s or, Division 1 ladies is ineligible to play in this competition.

(h) A bowler who has played three (3), matches in Division A is ineligible to play in Division B.

(i)  A bowler may only play one match in any round of this Summer Shield Competition.

  1. Scoring – Round play

03.1 Four (4), match points for the side with the highest aggregate shots and Two (2), match points for a draw and Two (2), match points for a rink win and one (1), match point for a rink tie.

Winners and Runners-Up of round play will play off to determine the winner of each Division. If a game cannot be played because of inclement weather or other unforseen reason, six (6), match points will be allocated to each of the Clubs that do not play on that day; Subject to alternative arrangements being made by the contending Clubs. (Condition 01.) Highest accumulated match points plus highest score will determine eligibility to play in finals.

03.2 Finals Scoring:

The winner of the finals shall be the team that has the highest aggregate points over the four (4), rinks.

 Should a tie eventuate then the team with the greatest number of rink wins shall be the winner.  If the competing sides are still tied then they shall paly another end or ends until a winner is determined.              

  1. Playing conditions:

(a) All games to be played under the Laws of the Sport of the Game bowls, (Crystal Mark 3rd Edition Version 3.2, May 21, Australian Regulations, GDBA, By-laws and the conditions of play.)

(b) Pairs shall be 3 bowls – 26 ends.

(c) Triples shall be 2 bowl – 26ends.

(d) If a match is abandoned due to extreme weather conditions, (see B.Q. Extreme weather policy), the Clubs involved

will score six (6), points each. With reference to points for and against, 60 ends constitutes a match subject to

alternative arrangement being made by the Clubs affected. (Condition 01).

(e) Subject to the condition of their greens and other requirements adjudicated by the COM (Chairman of Match), Finals are to be played at the Club, which finishes first in each Division on the Bowlslink Ladder.

  1. 05. Nomination Fee:

05.1 The nomination fee shall be $150.00 per side (Clubs may nominate multiple sides).  Nominations close on 30th. November 2022.

05.2 Nomination form to include the name, phone number of the Club and contact person for this Summer Shield competition.

05.3  Nomination forms are available upon request from the GDBA Secretary and when completed returned to the Secretary prior to the closing noted above.

Entry fee must be paid to the GDBA Bank details below;

Bank: Commonwealth.
BSB: 064172.
Acc No. 28007878. Acc Name: Gateway District Bowls Association Inc. Reference: 2302 plus  “CLUB NAME”.

Cash and Cheques are not acceptable.

  1. 06. Green fees:

06.1 Green fees to be paid to the bowlers home Club at their usual Club rate. Finals green fees paid to host Club at $15.00 per bowler with the host club providing refreshments and “snack food” for the competing bowlers only.

06.2 Width of rinks shall not be less than 4.8 metres.

  1. Attire:

Approved Club Uniform.

  1. Trophy:

08.1 A shield will be provided for the winners of each division.

08.2 Prize money for team winners is $650.00 and runner up $250.00.

  1. Results:

09.1.The Home Club and the Visiting Club are jointly responsible for entering the Summer Shield Match Results into the Bowlslink system.

The Home Club is responsible for swapping any away side rinks to match the drawn rinks and inputting the match scores into the Bowlslink System.   Should the Home Club fail to finalise the results within 24 hours after the completion of the match, three, (3), match points will be deducted from their progressive score.  Visiting Club will not be disadvantaged if the Host Club doesn’t finalise the match results.  In the event of an unfinished match, the results sheet must show scores and number of ends played by each side when play stopped.

09.2. Assistance is available via GDBA Bowlslink Co-ordinator Mr Kevin Melican Ph 0473 433 072, email, Mr      Rob Dillworth ph 0417 617 567 or, COM Mr Roger A Burns Ph 0418 309 719, email

09.3. Progressive and final results of the Pennant competition can be viewed via Bowlslink Results.

  1. Control:

The Gateway match committee shall have control of the event with the power, on the day, to alter the playing programme and conditions if deemed necessary or expedient.

If you have any enquiries please contact Chairman of Match, Roger Burns, on 0418 309
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