The Gateway District (G.D.B.A.) Match Committee shall have complete control of these events, with the power to alter the programme, conditions of play, format of play and the greens to suit unforeseen circumstances, giving as much notice as practical to achieve a result.

The Chairman of the Match Committee, his representative and/or a member of the Board of Management, may act in any emergency requiring urgent attention, and, if circumstances preclude consultation with members of the Match Committee, he is delegated the power to act in a manner not inconsistent with these conditions or the Laws of the Sport of Bowls – Crystal Mark edition. Any decision by the Match Committee or the Board of Management shall be final.

  • All games shall be played under the Laws of the Sport of Bowls – Crystal Mark Edition and these conditions as varied from time to time.
  • All events shall be sectional play.

If a tie exists after the last end an extra end or ends shall be played to gain a result.

  • Leads and seconds are not permitted to follow their bowls or be called to the head but the third and skip may do so after delivering their first bowl.
  • Singles will be sectional play with each section consisting of three (3) players and each game shall be 21 shots up with a time limit of 2 hours 20 minutes. Post sectional play shall be 25 shots up with no time limit.

Order of play for singles:

Round 1: 1 v 2 Marker is No.3.  Round 2: Loser of round 1 v No. 3, Marker – Winner of round 1.  Round 3: Winner of round 1 v No. 3 – Marker – non player.

Playing out of turn will lead to disqualification of the offending player.

Pairs will be sectional play of 18ends or 2hours 20minutes. Post sectional play to be 21ends knockout.

Round 1. 1 v 2.  3 v 4.  Round 2. 1 v 3. 2 v 4. Round 3.1 v 4  2v 3.

  • In the event of a stoppage due to inclement weather or other valid reason the Match Committee shall arrange for the continuation of play having regard to other prearranged events.
  • All events are open to Ordinary male and Junior male members who are fully paid up financial members of Clubs affiliated with the G.D.B.A. at the time of entry and during the playing of the event/s.
  • B singles -Open to Ordinary male and Junior male members who have not won a Club, District or National Championship in any discipline.
  • Over 60 fours – Open to Ordinary male members who have reached the age of 60 years at the commencement of the competition.
  • All Ladies in mixed Championships – shall be fully paid up financial members of the Ladies Section of a Club affiliated with the G.D.L.B.A. at the time of entry and during the playing of the events. 
  1. Nominations:
  • All entries to all events must be accompanied by the prescribed fee. Entries must be forwarded to the District Secretary so as to reach the G.D.B.A. by the closing time.
  • Players will not be allowed to compete if the nomination fee has not been received by the closing time. Nomination (with payment of fees) received after the closing time will be placed on a reserve list and may be considered should withdrawals occur. There will be no refund of nomination fees after the draw has been made, unless total inability to participate is proven.
  • Any player who is under suspension, expulsion, disqualification or in contravention of the Laws of the Sport of Bowls – Crystal Mark Edition, Domestic Regulations, District Constitution or District By-laws, is ineligible to play.
  • A Team/Player intending/having to withdraw from an event must notify the Match Committee and the Host Club not later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled starting time of the event.


Any Team/Player withdrawing shall be classed as having forfeited and be subject to the provisions of clause C below. The match shall be awarded to the opponent/s unless the Match Chairman can arrange a replacement Team/player.

  • On the day of play any Team/player not in attendance or not ready to play within 30 minutes of the scheduled starting time shall be forfeited.
  • If any Player or Team fails to fulfil an engagement without justifiable cause, the Player/Team may be disallowed from playing in District events, including pennants, for a period of 12 months. Any penalty imposed shall be at the discretion of the Match Committee and with the approval of the Board of Management.
  • Trial ends – Before start of play on any day or on resumption of an unfinished game from another day, the Controlling body may permit one trial end each way using as many bowls as will be used in the game.
  • Trial ends must be completed 5 minutes before scheduled starting time.
  • Practice – An intended Player or Team due to meet a Player or Team who has previously played on the same day, may practice, provided there is sufficient time available without delaying the competition and a rink is available other than the one on which the Player or Team has been drawn to play in a subsequent round. If two such Players or Teams are entitled to practice, they may practice together.
  • Practice shall not be allowed any later than one hour prior to the scheduled starting time except for the requirements of clause C.
  1. GREENS:
  • In all District events the width of rinks for play shall be not less than 4.3. metres and not more than 5.8 metres. Only 6 rinks shall be marked on a green and social play shall not be allowed on that green except when only 3 rinks or less are required for District play.
  • Should a green be deemed unfit for play the Official – in – Charge at the venue Club shall notify the Match Committee and no player may leave the venue until approval has been given and alternative arrangements advised.
  • Any game may be rescheduled to an indoor or undercover venue, due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstance, at the discretion of the Match Committee.
  • Artificial lighting is permissible.
  • All venue Clubs shall provide a Non- Playing National Accredited Umpire or Measurer for the event.

Should a Club be unable to provide an umpire they should seek assistance from nearby Clubs or the District Umpires Committee. Lady Umpires are welcome.

  • It is the responsibility of the venue Club to FAX/EMAIL/PHONE results of all games to the Match Committee and the Press immediately after the day’s play.
  • Suitable lunches must be arranged for purchase during all games,
  1. ATTIRE:
  • In all competition play, including mixed, B.Q. By-laws and those of the G.D.B.A. must be observed.
  • Club coloured or white shirts only, registered and approved and bearing the B.A. logo must be worn.
  • Any attire that is worn to play in Premier League or supplied by Bowls manufacturers or retailers is not permitted.
  • It is a condition of play that any Player appearing in attire other than that authorised in (b) will be disqualified.
  • Wearing of shorts and long socks is permitted.
  • Coloured shirts are allowed in Mixed events. Ladies attire must be G.D.L.B.A. approved
  • Mufti clothing is not permitted in any G.D.B.A. event.
  • The use of electronic receiving devices e.g. Mobile phones, Radios and Paging devices (except those pagers required for emergency work and approved by the G.D.B.A. Board) is not permitted within 6 metres of the green in use, during play.
  • Temporary adhesive markings are permitted, only with the approval of the controlling body.
  • Singles Players losing in the first round of post sectional play are required to make themselves available as markers for subsequent round/s on that day.
  • All score cards must be signed as to correctness and be retained by the venue Club until the competition has been finalised. Failure to comply may result in forfeit of the game.
  • Bowls Queensland extreme weather policy to be observed if conditions warrant.
  • Smoking regulations must be strictly observed.
  • Players must comply with host Club rules relating to Government health requirements.
  • If, during the playing of a game, a Player or Team is disqualified for any reason, the Player or Team LAST DEFEATED by the disqualified Player or team, shall take the place of the Player or Team disqualified.
  • If, after the game has been decided, it is subsequently found that a Player or Team was in breach of the Laws of the Sport of Bowls – Crystal Mark Edition, Domestic Regulations or these Conditions of play, then that Player or Team shall be disqualified and the Match awarded to the runners-up.
  1. FEES:
  • Singles, Pairs and Fours: Entry fee - $25.00 per player i.e. Singles - $25.00.  Pairs - $50.00 per team. Fours - $100.00 per team to be paid to District.

19/01/22. REVIEWED.

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