2019 Poinciana Challenge

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Poinciana Challenge 2019

Conditions of Play

1. Eligibility.

For Division 5, 6 & 7 bowlers from the 2018 Pennants Competition. The exemption rule is that a club may use any player who did not play more than one (1) game in the clubs next highest division in the 2018 Pennants Competition provided that division is either 3 or 4. This applies to all Pennant Competitions, not only Gateway.

Novice or Beginner bowlers are encouraged to participate.

Transferees will have to be assessed on their merit. If they are of a standard higher than that is intended for this competition, please do not play them.


Any breach of this rule will result in the offending Club forfeiting all points gained in any match in which the ineligible player has participated.


This is an honour and integrity based competition, responsibility to adhere to the spirit intended rests with each club.


2. Clubs with two (2) sides


The Club delegates have decided that each side be treated as a separate entity and that qualified club members should not be interchanged.

Clubs compliance will ensure that the side’s abilities cannot be enhanced at critical times.


Once again the onus is on the clubs.


Any breach will see the offending club lose two (2) points from that rink.


3. Format.


Two sections of 6 sides play a round robin over 5 weeks. (Dependent on number of teams) The final will be played at Victoria Point.


Each side will comprise of: 2 Pairs (21 Ends)

2 Triples - 2 Bowls format (26 Ends)


In instances where for some reason an entire side of 10 players cannot be fielded, then they must make up entire teams for play. The offending Club will concede two (2} points plus seven (7) shots to the opposition for each team they cannot field in that round.

In such a situation early advice to the opposition is essential.

4. Dates and Times

4.1 The competition will commence on Saturday 27th April 2019 and continue each Saturday up to the 25th May 2019, with the finals to be played on the 1st June 2019 at Victoria Pt. The Easter weekend no games will be played.


4.2 The Final will be played on the 1st June 2019 at the Victoria Point Club.


4.3 Trial ends to commence at 12.45 pm and play at 1.00 pm NO BREAKS.


4.4 All clubs are urged to play round robin games at 1.00 pm on Saturdays. If not possible clubs to negotiate and the host club will make the final decision. (This applies to games with Island Sides)


4.5 The final will commence at 1.00 pm with trial ends to commence at 12.45 pm.

4.6 Practice shall not be allowed at the venue Club after one half hour prior to the scheduled starting time on the day of play.


4.7 Before the commencement of trial ends if there is any evidence that any player has practiced on any allocated rink on the day of competition on which his side has been drawn to play shall be deemed ineligible to play on that day. That is, providing different rinks are available.


5. Scoring


5.1 Two (2) points for a rink win, one (1) point each side for a draw on each rink during round robin play only plus 2 points for an overall win. (if overall points are equal then 1 point is allocated to each team)


5.2 Completed score sheets to be faxed to Victoria Point Club (FAX No. 3207 8682) as listed on the score sheets) as soon as possible after each match and before 5.00pm on day of play so that it can be put in the Sunday Mail & sent to Mr David Pearson (flyhiau@yahoo.com) to put on the Gateway Website

Points at each venue must total ten (10) points.


5.5 For Finals only – Should at the end of each teams game in the Finals there is a 5 points overall score then all teams will play extra ends until either side has won by both the rinks win and the highest net score of shots.


6. Interruptions – Match Not Started or Completed.

In the case of a match not started or washed out before the completion of 66 ends the clubs involved will play/continue at a time suitable to both Clubs. This year there is no weekend allocated for any matches not played due to the late start of the competition.

If any outstanding game/games are not played by the start of the next round then 5 points will be awarded to each Club/game not played and that they would be given the average for/against as was scored in that round by other clubs that did play. If no clubs played in a particular round due to weather then NO POINTS or For/Against would be allocated for that round.

NOTE – 66 ends constitutes a match except for the finals when each rink will be required to complete all its ends.

7. Bowls Stickers.

If a club elects to use stickers, then all bowls used by that club must have stickers on them.

8. Dress Code

Will be club attire as laid down in BQ, GDBA.

9. Green Fees

Payable to own Club during round play and to the host club in the finals.

10. Laws and Rules of the game of Bowls

The competition must abide by the current laws of the game of Bowls in Australia and the Rules and By-laws of B.Q.

In all contentious issues the decision of the Poinciana Club (Victoria Point Bowls Club) which is running the competition shall be final.

11. Nomination Fee

A nomination fee of Forty (40) Dollars/club (regardless of how many sides are entered.) This shall be used to provide a suitable Flag and 15 badges for the winning Side and administration.

Cheques to be made payable to Victoria Point Bowls and Recreation Club. On the other hand the amount may be credited into the Bank Account as follows: BSB No 124-025 Acct No 11508451

12. Determination who Plays Finals

At the end of the Round play the Sides that are in first position in Section A & Section B shall play each other in the finals.

Positions shall be determined as follows:-

1.       Overall points

2.       Highest Net score of Shots

3.       The aggregate shots scored against shall be divided into the aggregate shots it has scored. The sides with the highest results shall be the finalist.


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